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Below are 100% unedited comments from our happy customers!

Ok, my 35W came in today!!! Nice!!! I like!!! I’ll have to do a proper review this weekend, because I’m swamped with work. Fired it up and works fine, though. Extra lens looks good, though it’s not attached to the rubber that holds it in place on the light. The light is very, very bright, nice smooth beam, gets to full brightness in 3″-5″ (that’s fast in HID book), fit and finish is good…. Thanks, Tactical! -gchronis (CPF)

Customer service rivals that of OPTOTRONICS, their packaging is almost as good and their support would be just as good as jacks, now this is saying something.  First as jack ships 1400$ lasers and they only ship 200$ flashlights so you know no damage  is going to come to this light in shipping.  Second as i said jack deals with 1400$ lasers and they only work with 200$ flashlights now this may mean the parts are cheaper but also they don’t profit as much but yet they still provide excellent customer service. -f22warzone (LPF)

 Great customer service…once it arrives I’ll be sure to get her fixed and blog on the forum what an awesome job Tactical_HID did to take care of the problem.  Thanks.  -WackBag (LPF)


  1. aunsell
    January 29th, 2010 at 10:05 | #1

    I just got my 35w light today. Like everyone is saying, it’s amazing!
    It made all of my other lights,(some more expensive) look like the batteries were dead. I even had to check and make sure they were charged.
    Excellent quality! and great service!
    I had to go and show off to all my friends and now they want one 🙂
    Thank You !

  2. wayne Farrar
    March 13th, 2010 at 14:14 | #2

    I have 22 monster flashlight’s most i made myself, but your HID is a super flashlight and i do not think any one can do better. i want more of your products. combined with your service ,I can not see how any one can compete with you…….Thank you for the flashlight and for standing behind it, I was only a minor problem, but you jumped rite on it and fixed it. you people are the best thank you wayne farrar P.S please send some info on your other products the P-7 and what you may come out with soon when your time permits again many thank’s

  3. Turk
    February 6th, 2011 at 16:54 | #3

    I ordered a neutral-tint EO3 in red and a neutral-tint G10. I am blown away by the quality of both of these lights! The EO3 is my new EDC due to it’s perfect size and absolutely beautiful beam; not too warm, just milky white with very smooth transition from hotspot to outer rim. On a single AA the output is very impressive but on a 14500 it’s so bright I just have to giggle. It’s my brightest AA light. The G10 is simply amazing to hold! I have NEVER held a light (and I have approx 90 lights in my collection) with such intricate detail and build quality, including Surefire! It feels like you’re holding a $250 light. The beam is just slightly warmer than the EO3 but throws great due to the smooth reflector. These were my first Xeno lights and I am now hooked. I have a Pelican case for just my Surefire lights. I am now going to buy another Pelican case just for my future Xeno collection.

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