February 8th, 2012

NEW! Xeno E03!  Now with Cree XM-L!

Please note that the new XM-L version comes in a blister pack and NOT a tin box.


1) Anodizied Aluminum (Rose Red, Deep Sea Blue, or Ti-Black)

2) GITD (Glow in the Dark) silicon O-ring and silicon rubber tail cap

3) Waterproof (10M dunk-resistance)

4) Double O-rings and Square threads

5) Battery type: Alkaline, Ni-mh, Ni-cd, Lithium, 14500 Li-ion or Lifepo4

6) Linear driver — no PWM

7) 3 Modes in this order: Medium, Low, High. (no mode memory)

8 ) Unique finger grip

9) Size and Weight: 96.5mm x 21.5mm. 48g

Included Accessories:

  • 2 spare O-rings
  • 1 extra switch
  • 1 lanyard

Optional Accessories:

  • TW15 diffuser wand shown below.  There is no additional shipping charge if  purchase with a light.  If ordered separately, shipping of $1.99 (US) and $2.99 (International) will apply regardless of quantity.


Order from EDC+

To order please click here.

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