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Welcome to Tactical HID!

January 1st, 2009

Tactical HID carries High Intensity Discharge flashlights.  These flashlights are not only the brightest lights in their class, but also the most efficient.  HID bulbs have an efficiency of about 75 lumens per watt.  Typical Incandescent lights are about 20 lumens a watt.


All of our lights are machined from high quality aluminum alloy.  Included with each light is a lithium ion battery pack for extended run-time.  Everything is packaged nicely in a protective aluminum combination case so you can keep your light safe, wherever you go.  Visit our Tactical HID Store!

A typical 2D maglite is about 30 lumens.  Our 24W HID, is about the same size, but it is 1,400 lumens!

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  1. wayne Farrar
    May 4th, 2010 at 10:50 | #1

    Just checking your site for new products, The way you stand behind your products is simply amazing,and made me a life time coustomer I hope to see you come out with something very powerfull and compact. to get it I will sell off some of my coin collection if need be. Keep up the great work guy’s, you are second to no one. also thank you for the 35 watt HID I already have, and taking care of the problen as fast as i ordered it if not faster. NO ONE MOVES LIKE YOU DO. I owe you more then a thank you waynr Farrar

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